Habits are everything that will determine your progress or otherwise in your life. I believe that habits are the building blocks of life.

So if habits are very important in building and sustaining a progressive life, then we need to understand how and why they are formed. As well as how to manage and change them if need be.

In the last few yes, the changes I have made in my life came down to the changes in my daily habits.

But, I would have made those changes if I didn’t understand WHY I had to change.

And I believe knowing the WHY to change your habits is a huge block that is holding so many people from taking the actions to change their habits.

Everyone tells how to change your habits, but very few tell you why you need to change.


What Is A Habit?

A Habit is a repeated pattern of behavior. Habits come from the beliefs you have ingrained into your daily life.

Anything humans do repeatedly (good or bad), we quickly evolve a pattern to them. This leads to consistency and efficiency but also unintended consequences.

If you learn good behavior, it can quickly become good habits that will help you progress in your life.

On the other hand, if you learn bad behavior, it also can also quickly become habits that will hinder your progress in your life.

So, it’s very important to always critically examine your habits and beliefs to see where they are leading you.


How Did You Acquire Your Habits?

Like everyone else, you were born with no thoughts and no habits at all. We all were exactly the same.

Our minds were clear slates but also very impressionable.

Everything was new and exciting to you. And you quickly started to identify the owners of the voices that you have been hearing for months in the womb.

You identified your parents, siblings, family, family friends, etc. and you started observing and learning from them.

If they smile to you, you smiled back, and this was the beginning; learning the behaviors of those who cared and love you.

Because at this very young age, your conscious (thinking) minds were not yet developed, everything you were learning went straight into our subconscious minds.

Your conscious mind was finally activated around the age of seven years. So, you learned the fundamentals of life at the age where you could not have said no to anything!

You will continue to acquire new habits all throughout your life.

But they will not fundamentally be in opposition to the core beliefs that your subconscious mind acquired before the age of seven.

And these fundamental beliefs will run your life until you pass on unless you deliberately decided to change them.


Why Do You Need to Change Your Habits?

I believe that everyone needs to change even good habits from time to time. But there are very crucial reasons why you need to change your habits.


Many of The Habits and Beliefs Are Not Yours

No parent or loved one would want to deliberately hinder to the progress of anyone.

But, unfortunately, this happens when the majority of people continue living their lives based on the subconscious programming that they received before the age of seven.

If you are not happy with the direction of your life, then you need to change your habits and beliefs.


To Reduce Redundancy

Yes, you need repetitive behavior (habits) to learn new skills.

But you also need to continue learning new skills all through your life to reduce or eliminate redundancy.

Redundancies lead to a lack of innovation and unfulfilled life.


To Continue Your Growth

To progress and be successful in all areas of life, you need to continue growing.

“Growth is equal to Progress”

– Tony Robbins

However, growth will be difficult to achieve if you have bad habits and if the habitual nature leads to complacency.

The whole world is always changing, and you also need to change constantly, otherwise, you will become a relic in the footnotes of history.


How to Change Your Habits

Now that you know why you need to change your habits, how is easier.

The ways to make this important life change including hypnosis, meditation, exercise, and Coaching.

There are many articles and videos online about changing unhealthy habits.

I mostly used Coaching and I’m still using it with a variation of the other methods.

No matter which method you choose to help you change your habits, I believe that the most important factor for any change is your reasons (WHY) to change.

Without at least one solid reason (WHY) to pull to a better future, your habitual nature will hold you down in your current circumstances.

So find your reasons to change habitual behaviors.


Change Your Habits To Change Your Future…

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

That’s a quote commonly and wrongly associated with Albert Einstein.

Anyway, wrongly or otherwise, the saying is true. If you want changes in your life, you MUST start doing things differently.


If you want you tomorrow to be different from yesterday, then you MUST change your daily HABITS!

Our habits brought us to where we are and are keeping us there.

The way we THINK, TALK, ACT, etc. are all habitual in nature.

We do the same things over and over again every day, weeks, months and years.

NOTHING will ever change until we change our HABITS.

To change your habits and your life is not easy, you MUST be COMMITTED.

Start by waking up one hour earlier than before and use the time to work constructively on your mind.

Change the people surrounding you.

Open your mind to let new and DIFFERENT ideas come in and also let your fears escape.

Read a new book every week.

Learn new skills…

Good or bad; express a massive GRATITUDE for EVERYTHING in your life.

Because the easiest way to get ANYTHING you want in your life is to say a GENUINE thank you for EVERYTHING in your life!

Even if your country’s government do EVERYTHING you want, and Africa becomes a developing continent tomorrow, you will still struggle;

If you are not willing to CHANGE your HABITS, NOTHING will change in your life.

To yours and Africa’s progress…

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    • Karimi

      This was really helpful..One habit i need stop is waking late..

    • Paul Kashindi Ilendo

      Success is all about change. When we change, our life will also change.
      Our changement must lead to a better future, better life. Nothing will change unless you change.

    • Adease

      Highly insightful and timely..
      Thanks Sir..

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