It’s more and more evident that a self-reliant Africa is what Africans and the world community need. Africa cannot continue limping helplessly along and continuously allow her resources to go to be wasted.

Africa will never become developed this way.

As a youth of Africa trying to push Africa to become self-reliant, you must become self-reliant your. No one can give what they do not have.


What Is Self-Reliance?

To rely on SELF; in your thoughts, beliefs, power, resources, etc.

As a person, I champion self-reliance and this is a core theme in almost all my contents.

Encouraging people to take personal responsibility for their lives and stop looking for mental and physical handouts from anyone.

I believe that everyone needs to buy into this idea as individuals and teach it to our children and people within our communities.

Now, having just promoted self-reliance, it doesn’t mean that we should not help people within our communities who need help.

Or that I don’t need help sometimes, I definitely do. But no one should be a perennial dependent except when mentally or physically deficient.

Life and relationships are more interesting and sustainable when all parties involved pull their weight in a symbiotic manner.

I believe that we must help ourselves and others become self-reliant in the future to the benefits of all.


Reasons to Create And Build A Self-Reliant Africa.

When I think about creating a self-reliant Africa, I say ‘why not’. The thoughts of a continuously reliant Africa are scary to me.

With the ever-changing world, there is a need for different regions to make sure that they contribute to the global economy. And be acknowledged as such.

Otherwise, the consequences are not good at all.


A Self-Reliant Africa Will Contol it’s Resources and Destiny

Africa has an enormous amount of natural resources.  However, those resources are not be used adequately to develop the country’s and Africa a whole.

Why is that?

Many “experts” have given many thoughts. This is my humble opinions;


A Self-Reliant Africa Will Get Reed of The Divide and Conquer Strategy

African counties were formed in ways that will ultimately continue benefiting Africa’s colonial masters. The Berlin conference of 1884 did a perfect job to the detriment of Africa.

Having said this, this strategy continues to work because it has many willing (unintended) supporters across Africa.

These people can’t see beyond themselves, that a self-reliant Africa will ever arrive.

These unintended supporters are partially lured to continue to implement the strategies implanted at the Berlin conference of 1884.


Lack of Real African Leadership

Many African leaders have been the real backbone to continues implementing the strategies of the Berlin Conference.

Without these complacent African leaders, this strategy would have been laid in the grave.

Unfortunately, the evidence clearly shows that Africa has had very few real Leader in the last 50 years. Africa has had a lot of demi-God rulers instead.

These rulers have plundered their countries for self benefits. And they have gradually diminished the necessary institutions that their countries need to develop.

These actions have enabled individuals and companies from the colonial masters to continue plundering Africa at will.


A Self-Reliant Africa Will Be Able To Handle Africa’s Ongoing Population Boom!

This is the core of my fears about Africa. Africa is going through a major population boom, and our countries’ leaders don’t seem to understand to consequences.

Maybe they behave like that because many of them are in the twilight of their time on this planet.

The huge demographic shift in Africa’s population is unprecedented. With about 75% of Africa’s population below the age of 35 years old.

The need to create a self-reliant Africa is very urgent because we are running out of time to create jobs, infrastructure, healthcare facilities, institutions, etc.

The consequences (hunger, joblessness, crime, wars) of failure in this regards are an unimaginable catastrophe for the whole continent and African race.


A Self-Reliant Africa Will Help Keep Peace on The Continent

Currently, there are several regions of Africa going through conflict.

At the core of these conflicts in the lack of abundance mentality; where warlords and tribes believe that there is not enough for everyone.

In truth, there is enough for everyone in a self-reliant Africa.

When we learn how to use Africa’s resources properly, we will learn how to work together with little rancor.


How To Create Self-Reliant Africa…

There is a huge chatter by Pan African youths about the need of Africa. That is totally a political discussion and decisions. And I’m not a politician, so I will leave this discussion to the politicians.

However, I’m very interested in the consequence of relying on people’s handouts, the beauty, and benefits of becoming self-reliant.

So, let’s look at some of the ways to create self-reliance on an individual and communal basis.


Build and Own Businesses

Africans and African countries must own a substantial part of the economic means on the continent.

Yes, Africa wants investors. But, only in collaborations with Africans. Africans must have a major say in the means of production in Africa.

Africans building and owning major stakes in businesses across the continent will ensure that Africa will be self-reliant and help the citizens to be the same.

So, it’s important that African governments support and encourage African Entrepreneurship.


Trade and Extensive Collaboration

Intra-Africa trade has shamefully be limited for decades. Shameful because Africans have historically traded with each other for millennia before being colonized.

Trade brings people together and it defuses tension. This intra-African trade will drive development in Africa, through infrastructure and institutions developments.

It will encourage more collaboration in other areas and it will be great for the whole continent. So, I’m all in for the recent Africa FREE Trade agreement (AfCFTA).

African countries still have a long way to go to make this agreement work for Africa, but I very pleased and positive that its the right way to go to create a self-reliant Africa.


Education for Every African to Reduce Ignorance

In order to be relevant to yourself and others in the 21st century, you need to be educated at a high level.

Education, for me, is not about formal education. It’s more of self and continuous education throughout life.

Any relevant education should start with you knowing yourself, your history, beliefs, and values.

When you know who you are, no one can shake your confidence.

Many Africans have little knowledge of African history and culture. I believe that this is the genesis of an inferior complex.

Without young Africans knowing and understanding the REAL African history, anyone can demonize and put Africa down.


Revive and Modernize The African Spiritual Practices!

I’m very sure that this will get a massive push back.

But, I chose to talk about spirituality in this instance because it’s a major issue that stopping the creation of a self-reliant Africa.

African colonial masters force Africans to abandon their gods and culture. And take on the gods and culture of the Europeans.

Today, in many African homes in Africa, you will find images of a European god.

Why is this?

When you as an African believe that the “God” you worship is white, you will FOREVER have an inferior complex being black.

In truth, “God” is not white, or black or Asian. The infinite Intelligence that created the universe is a spirit, that lives in you!

Now, I’m not advocation that people should take up the old sacrificial based practices in many old African religions.

All I’m saying is that we should know more about our ancestral beliefs and customs. And polish them up to fit the 21st century standards that are acceptable to thinking people.

We MUST eliminate this ignorance!


How Can You Contribute to Creating A Self-Reliant Africa?

Simple, by becoming self-reliant yourself!

Is it easy?

No, it’s not easy. This is actually where the real work begins.

But, your journey to becoming self-reliant will be a very rewarding experience for sure!

Let’s look at some ways that you can become self-reliant:


Build Self-Confidence/Sense of Pride


Self-confidence starts in your mind and your personal history is a big part of your confidence and self-pride.

Who are you?

If you know your family’s history (no matter what it is), you will have a measure of self-confidence.

Every family has at least a great story of their ancestors to tell. Find your ancestors’ stories and be proud of who they were.

Your ancestors have done a great job because you are here today.

Now, your job is to know who they were and be thankful for their role in your existence.

A large number of Europeans today know and are proud of their family’s history. They write hundreds of books, telling their stories to the world.

That’s why the world know their names.

You should know your ancestors and tell their stories. Do not let anyone else tell your family’s history.

It’s yours to tell!


Become a Leader in Your Community

The reason why I encourage to lead in your community is for you to help and empower other people.

The more people you help on their journeys, the more self-reliant that you will become.

How is that?

There will be more people waiting to say “YES” when you need them.


Education And Skills Acquisition

Anyone who has read any of my messages may be tired of this. But I can’t and would not stop saying this….

Education is everything!

If you want to achieve anything, then educate yourself.


I personally believe that the major issue holding Africa back as a continent and Africans as individuals are caused by ignorance.

Ignorance will not lead to self-reliance.

And the only way to successfully combat ignorance is through education!

Both formal and most importantly self-education.


Starting a Business

Now, hear this…

Starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, for people who believe in their abilities, the best way to get all that they know they are due to their work is to be their own boss.

Starting their own business and reap the reward from their energy, innovation, and imagination without anyone (bosses and company policy) holding the back.

They will have all the opportunity to unleash their full potential and leave their legacy.

In the 21st century, anyone can start and build a business in almost any area of life.

The only hindrance to anyone is their imagination.


Learn to Collaborate with Others

Like I said at the onset, being self-reliant does not mean that we never ask for help.

In fact, no successful person in the entire world has done alone. Everyone needs help and self-reliant people are great at asking for help.

Self-reliant people are never shy to admit where they are not good at some things.

But they never take help without looking to give something back. Either immediately, or in the near future.

That way, people are always willing to be of assistance. Self-reliant people build mutual benefiting relationships and collaborate.

We all should copy that.


Do More Than You Are Current Paid For…

…and in time, you will be paid more than what you do!

I learned this wisdom from my ancestors, but it was articulated properly by my late mentor Jim Rohn.

Many employees argue that because they are not been paid adequately that they would not give their best to their employers.

Okay, that may be a fair point, if you buy into this ideology.

But your employer will never promote you to the level where you will be paid more.

Simply because you have not shown the desire, determination, and leadership to be in that position.

Do you get my point?


In Summary

Self-Reliant Africa is very important to the survival of Africa. To stop in internal and external plundering of its resources and to promote its development in the 21st century.

Africa needs to unite to take control of its resources and negotiate effectively as one continent because the 1.3billion giant (China) is here.

We need to be very smart to use all our available expertise and resources to our benefit at this point. The opportunities are there and we must not waste them.

Africa needs to use China’s interests in Africa’s resource as leverage to get the maximum benefits to developing it’s our people and countries to become a self-reliant continent.

If we miss this opportunity, Africa will suffer in the stone age for centuries.

On the other hand, I want to envision a self-reliant Africa in ten and twenty years.

How wonderful would it be?

China and other Asian and Middle East countries have achieved this, so we don’t need to only imagine, we can see the evidence.

For every one of us to contribute in building Africa, we must become self-reliant in our little ways.

To your and Africa’s progress…

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