I’m not an accredited scientist so please make sure that you check the things I say. But I truly believe in my mind that it is not the intention of Coronavirus to kill humanity.

Like all life, it’s merely looking for a place to survive!

The Coronavirus is simply expanding its habitat, from the bat to the human species.

Unfortunately, humans are not yet adapted to comfortably house the virus. Humans should know all about expansion because we have done expertly for thousands of years.

Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) have been on the planet way before humans arrived, and like all life, they continue to expand their territory.

Unlike bacteria that have complete tools and mechanisms to reproduce themselves, viruses do not. So, they rely on the mechanism in the cells of their hosts to help out.

Unfortunately, human cells are not yet adapted to cope with this, so they disintegrate, and thus humans die.

This is it, and nothing else to it.

God is not angry and trying to eliminate man.

This is the time for us to listen and heed the advice of doctors and scientists, they have spent years of their lives studying these pathogens.

They are the ones who can save lives in this pandemic, and not ideological politicians and religious leaders.


Other Deadly Viruses in Recent History!

In human history on this planet, we have encountered several viruses that make us sick, including the viruses that caused the Spanish flu (killed 50-100 million people) during the first world war, Polio, Measles, and AIDS to name a few.

In the last twenty years, we have encountered different Coronaviruses; SARS and MARS.

Recently, I’ve read articles and seen videos blaming a country or the other about this pandemic.

This wrong and incorrect, pointing fingers at anyone is simply propaganda.

We are all humans and we make mistakes. We all need to continue learning as we progress.

However, an important question we should ask is;

Why are microbes like the Coronavirus expanding its territory to humans?

This question is something I’m not going to speculate about because it is a scientific question that needs scientists to investigate and answer with concrete data and analysis.

I believe that as the most intelligent species on this planet we must use our intelligence in a manner that all life can live and survive in relative harmony.

There is a very important lesson for humans.

“Humans need to understand that microbes have been on the planet longer than us, more in number (uncountable) and more important for the sustenance of life on this planet”


Where Did the Coronavirus Come From?

In recent weeks I’ve seen so many posts on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp) calling the Coronavirus a biological weapon made by either the USA or China depending on the origin of the particular post.

This is unfortunate that at a time where humanity should come together to save itself, we are imploding, and pointing fingers to ourselves.

I do not know if the Coronavirus was made in a laboratory, but I choose to go with the public opinion of the scientific community.

What is knew and agreed on at this moment is;

Coronavirus is a natural pathogen that lives in bats. Like most life on this planet, Coronavirus continues to evolve.

The normal virus is not adapted to live in humans.

But the conditions in the wet market in Wuhan, China enable the virus to infect another animal where it was able to evolve to infect humans.

This is a normal process of life on this planet.

The only mistake made was enabling the conditions for the transfer from bats to humans.

This can happen anywhere and it’s a lesson that Africans need to learn and avoid.


The Coronavirus Infection Has Shut-down The World

To keep ourselves safe as ordinary people, it’s important to understand and adhere to simple rules that our scientists and governments tell us.

Please always listen to the EXPERTS and follow these rules to keep yourself and everyone else safe.


How is Coronavirus Transmitted and How to Stay Safe!

At this time, we are still learning about the different ways that the Coronavirus is transmitted between humans.

As the experts learn more, they will inform the public.

Currently, the experts say that the Coronavirus is transmitted from infected persons through Droplets.

When an infected person coughs or sneeze, the virus comes out as part of bodily fluid.

The liquid droplets are carried by air, up to 2-6 meters. And stays of solid surfaces for some amount of time.

So the measures for staying safe are:

Washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water. Try not to touch your face and things unnecessarily (not to infect yourself and other people if you have the virus)

If you feel sick, self-isolate (7-14 days) yourself from other people to keep them safe.

Social distancing (2 meters/6 feet) when you step out of your home.

These measures should be observed by all of us to keep everyone safe.


Coronavirus in Africa

My beloved Africa has published little or no data in the public domain, and I’m still confused by this.

Data is paramount to conduct scientific studies about anything, and in this particular instance, it is a matter of life and death.

If the little or no data actually says that the worldwide effect of Coronavirus is not happening in Africa, I would jump for joy.

Mainly because we do not have the medical equipment and infrastructure to keep our population safe.

However, it difficult to simply believe so without any concrete evidence which data can provide.

How many tests are we conducting in our cities?

We simply need to go out and test our population for two reasons.

To know who prevalent coronavirus is in our population.

If the virus is negligible in our population; great.

The question is WHY?

If the virus is in our population but people are not falling sick, then we still need to ask the question; WHY?

The simple truth is that if we wish to build Africa to be truly INDEPENDENT, then we need to adopt scientific methods to all we do.

From government, business, medicine, education, etc.

Data is king and the future of everything!


Who Are The Vulnerable People in The Population?

Coronavirus can infect anyone in the population. However, a few categories of people in the population are the most affected in a bad way.

The old; over 70 years old – I don’t know the scientific reason for this but the people in this demography fall sick and die from the Covid-19 disease.

I know for a fact that most of Africa’s over 70-year-old individuals live in our villages. So, this is not the time for young people in the cities to start running back to their villages.

We do not want to go home and infest our grandparents with Coronavirus.


Individuals with underlying health issues – Another highly affected demography are the people with underlying illnesses.

Chronic heart, lung diseases, and diabetes have been mentioned.

Here, we might have problems with this because we have a major issue with undiagnosed health issues in our population.


Smokers – Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system; the lungs and airways of the human body.

Smoking damages this system and make is especially vulnerable to the virus that thrives in the tissues found in the lungs.


In summary

I hope this article has given you a little perspective about the Coronavirus. This pandemic will pass, let’s try our best to survive to the other side by following the instructions from the medical/scientific community.

Do not allow FEAR to rule you. The intention of Coronavirus is not to kill you. It’s only trying to survive.

Help yourself, your community and humanity: listen to the experts; medical professionals and scientists, follow the rules to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Find ways to contribute to humanity’s survival and unity. Do not speculate or buy into conspiracy theories that divide humanity.

Remember that all challenges that humans have faced came with opportunities, so you need to open our eyes and minds to see what opportunities are available.

In a future article, I would try to articulate some of the challenges that this Coronavirus pandemic has exposed.

For now, stay keep yourself and others safe by following the personal hygiene and social distancing mandates.

To yours and Africa’s progress…

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