Have you really thought about what you want in your life?

Scrap that, let me ask a different question which may be easier to answer.

Where would you want to be in 10 years time?

To help answer that, think about where you were ten years ago. Looking backward, you can see that ten years is not far at all.

It’s like a twinkle of an eye.

You may be asking yourself, why am I asking these ridiculous questions; what do they have to do with anything?

Well, many of us what to have many, many things instantly.

They are so engrossed in the notion of wanting things to happen instantly (instant ratification) that they fail to recognize that 10 0r 20 years is just like an instance in a lifetime.

And we fail to appreciate that they can make a considerable change in their life in the twinkle of 10 years in their lifetime.

I can clearly remember those things I was doing ten years ago in the past. And I’m sure that you can too.

I want to consider planning your life in ten years trunks.

Time flies and it doesn’t wait for anyone to be ready.

It’s here today, and it’s gone tomorrow!

Envisioning your life in trunks of ten years can make a positive difference in the way your life turns out.

It will give you time to learn, plan and execute.

Depending on the actions you decide to take today.


How To Start Building The Future That You Want

Your life and the Africa you envisioned can be what you dream of in ten years if you decide today and start taking necessary action to actualize your dreams.

But first…


You Must Know What You Want

As a Coach, one of the most useful questions I ask potential clients is:

What do you really want in your life?

And I get the usual answers.

But these usual answers do not tell me anything unique about that person because they are the same for nearly 90% of the population.

The answers say to me that that person what to do ordinary things, and live an ordinary life.

Nothing distinctive to add to the world.

Nobody needs to do anything to achieve this kind of life.

It is given.

However, if you want to live a distinctive life, you must have a vision of where you are going and what you want to see there.

You must have dreams and goals. In essence, you must know what you want in your life for the immediate and the future.

Achieving your dreams and goals is by thinking, planning and acting in a very deliberate manner to actualize your desires.


You Must Find Meaning In Your Life

Knowing clearly what one wants is a big step in the right direction. But it’s one half of what you need to create a great future for yourself.

There is something else you need to make it whole.

Interestingly, when most people get around to understanding that to achieve what they want, they must know what that is.

The first things that come to mind are their material desires.

Money, clothes, cars, house, travel…

This is absolutely natural.

Then, the more important stuff like knowledge, education, wisdom… Things that are more valuable and can give you all the material desires a hundredfold.

It’s at this stage that a few people realize that the second part to make everything whole is a “Purpose”, “Meaning”, the “WHY”.

Without this Purpose, everything people achieve will be hollow, without real meaning.

Example; achieving major success in business will make anyone happy for a short time without the joy from knowing that the solutions one provides have made a positive impact in other people’s lives.

A Purpose does not only help one achieve one’s personal desires, but also bring joy and fulfillment by the impact on other people’s lives.

It makes everything WHOLE


How Do Your Individual Desires And Purpose Affect Africa?

A lot of times when I explain the effects of knowing what individuals want and the need to have a life purpose and then connect these to a larger community I get pushbacks.

Many people in my audience cannot see the correlation and I have to explain in more depth.

Every community/society is built on its people.

The success or failure of the community/society depends 100% on the success or failure of the individuals who make up the group.

Especially its leaders, which also comes from the rank and file of the people.

Wherever the majority of Africans are in ten years, so would Africa be.

So if we can increase the education, skills, mindset, economic power of 10% of the population of a community, we may be able to increase the overall education, skills, mindset by 1.5% of the community.

With consistency, we can improve the community by 5 -15% in a short space of time.

Maybe in the twinkle of years 10-20 years.


In Summary

I want to encourage you to start thinking of the progress in your life in an increment of 10 years.

This will allow you to learn, act, fail, relearn, act, fail continuously until you succeed and become an expert at your craft.

This is the process of progress, and it starts with your decision on;

What you want in your life and finding and embracing your life’s purpose.

This will eliminate instant gratification mentality and help build you up as an individual and your community.

To Yours and Africa’s success…

    3 replies to "Envision Your Africa, Ten Years Into The Future…"

    • Kifonji Augustine

      Thanks to you sir coz am beginning to learn so many important things in life that I didn’t know and for sure with more of this educative posts, I think it will help me change my society.

    • Muki Robien

      Great saying and a very excellent way of visualizing the issue.

      It all has to do with each and everyone of us afticans. We need to actually visualize, plan and act without which nothing can be achieved.
      Like you rightly said , the community growth is solely dependent upon the growth of the individuals who make up that community.

      Thanks for such a message.
      Thanks for your emails.
      I have been following them up and we have almost the same mindset towards Africa

      • Ekene Banye

        Accept a BIG hug. You have got the point.

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