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At Think Big For Africa Private Community we recognize that Africa can only develop when Africans take control of their lives and Africa’s destiny…

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Who Should Join Our Community

We are only looking for the people who share the vision of our community.

  • First, we are looking for quality individuals with integrity to join our community. No short cutters, deceitful individuals wanted in this community.
  • People who absolutely believe that African will be a first world continent within the next 30 years.
  • Ambitious people with Big Dreams to share with the world. Join us if you are ambitious and want to make an IMPACT in Africa and the world.
  • Open-minded people who have interest in learning new and many times uncommon knowledge. On our community, we will be discussing progressive issues that will challenge our minds and our traditional thinking.
  • Our community is excited to welcome people with Entrepreneurial spirits. Entrepreneurs provide solutions to everyday problems that humanity have, in turn, they are paid for that. This Community will be a solution incubator to solve Africa’s problems. So, if you have the desire to solve problems, this community is perfect for you.
  • We love team players & collaborators. The truth about life and success is that no one person can do it alone. This is exactly why we have built this community. So, if you are team players and are ready to collaborate with others...

Benefits of Joining Us

There is one overarching benefit from our community.

Helping you achieve your goals.

Think Big For Africa Private Community does this in the following ways:

  • A Private Forum with like-minded people
  • Regular Coaching sessions to address Life and Business challenges
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Leaning from very Successful Individuals
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