I lot of Africans rely on African political and religious leaders to solve their problems.

And yet many others are so disappointed in these leaders actions that they can’t say anything good about them.

This will be one of the most controversial posts I will ever make.

Politics and Religion are the two subjects that I avoid everywhere I go. And this is because both subjects are very PERSONAL and CONTROVERSIAL at best.

I especially do not want to discuss African political and religious LEADERS because of untended consequences.

Example, many of my readers may disagree with the content and may be quick to say something negative about it or myself.

But, please slow down, finish reading and THINK about it.

Remember, this blog is called “THINK BIG FOR AFRICA”

So, don’t jump the gun, READ and THINK before commenting!

I’m writing this blog because so many of my readers/followers are always asking me about my views of these subjects.

And since I want to build a SOLID relationship with you, I thought that it would be better if I open up to let you know where I stand on these matters that are important to you.

Please, remember that this is about the concept of POLITICS and RELIGION and not about particular Political ideology or Religious group.


Personal Religious and Political Views of The World!

Parents and family are our first individual mentors. We all learn from and imbibe the beliefs and habits that they exhibit, and I’m no different.

Even though today, I have clear and different political and religious views, they both can be linked to my liberal upbringing.


My Liberal Up-Bringing!

As a young man in the late 80s and early 90s, I had a few heated arguments with my father because of my views or lack of in politics and religion.

My father is a very liberal man in both politics and religion.

As an academician and philosophers, he loves books of all kinds and healthy debate of all issues including politics and religion.

My father who was raised as a Baptist stopped being a member of the Church in 1976. Just around the time of my younger sister’s birth.

My mother was always a Baptist, but she wasn’t an active member of a church from 1978 – 1987 mostly due to a language barrier when my family moved to the west of the country.

In 1987, my mum became a very active member of a church up to her passing in 2014.

Every Sunday, my dad dropped me and my sisters at the nearest church to our home during the years when my mum was a non-active member of a church.

And returned to pick us up after the service.

We moved states and cities several times due to changes in my parent’s work.

So, I was a Methodist (1979-81), An African Church; not a prominent one (1981-85). I lived with a relative (1980-83) and I went to his family Anglican Church and was a member of the Boys’ Brigade. I go home for every holiday.

We attend a Catholic Church (1985-87) just before my mum became an active church member again.

However, sometime in 1986-87, my best friend came home from her boarding school and told me that she was born again.


Curiosity Didn’t Kill This Cat!

Of course, I was curious to know more.

So, I started reading the Bible and attending Christian meetings in school and Pentecostal Churches.

As an inquisitive person, I started asking a lot of questions to which I hardly got satisfactory answers.

Then one weekend, I asked a Jehovah’s Witness preacher who was visiting my home to discuss the Bible with my dad.

I got very interesting answers to my questions.

Anyway, I then learned more about Christian history, beliefs and doctrines reading the JW’s and the Catholic Church publications and attending Christian meeting through my university days.

I never lost my inquisitive nature of asking more questions and seeking answers.

Over a decade ago, I moved to the UK, where I live and work with people of different religious background.

And I’ve learned that all major religions have the same foundation called;


So, if the core values of major religions are the same, what are the issues that make religions fight one another?


POLITICS – The Control of POWER

Organized religion and politics have the same goals; to take CONTROL of the minds of the people.

Growing up, I saw politics as an ethnically divisive activity.

My father’s non-ethnic and liberal positions were thought as naïve by both friends and opponents on the debate spectrum.

And with the Military getting involved in politics and governance, I lost all hope in politics.

In my mind, I NEVER believed that any one man/women or Congress can deliver all the things I want in my life.

I would rather take control of my destiny, and I’m big on team play and collaboration.

These concept of personal responsibility and collaboration are rather alien to politics and religion.

Backstabbing and manipulation are the order of the day politics and organized religion.

I observed these as a young man and I ERRONEOUS concluded that I should not participate in any form in politics.

So, I didn’t vote when I had the chance earlier in my life.


My Views Today

I’m not statics in any of my views about politics and religion. I believe that ignorance is the greatest disease that humans have.

The only way to combat ignorance is education. So, I’m constantly learning and evolving.

Today, I still believe that I should not hang my hope on ANY political and religious leaders.

However, I have evolved daily spiritual practices and l vote in political elections, which I didn’t do in my twenties.

I do not denounce any ORGANIZED religion and politics.

And I believe 100% in a higher power as the “Grand Organized Designer” of the universe.

I’ve experienced the might of in the applications of the Laws that govern the universe.

All the incredible new things being developed in the world today are all based on the knowledge of the laws of the universe.

And the more we learn and understand about other unknown scientific laws, the more thing we will be able to do.

This is the MIRACLE of the higher power in the universe.

Today, I listen to and learn from spiritual leaders of different religions and culture; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

I do not discriminate; I learn from all.

In my personal spiritual practices are not based on any kind EXCLUSION of anyone or group.

Most importantly, these spiritual practices are based on love and not based on fear of the divine.

I understood that politics is a natural by-product of the development and evolution of human society, having read up on history and religion.

And this evolution is still ongoing and the human society needs everyone to help shape it.

Even though I’m not a politician of any kind, I now contribute my quota by sharing my views in a civil environment and casting my vote on election days.


Two Reasons Why African Religious and Political Leaders Cannot Lead Africa to The Promise Land

Thank you for enduring reading my personal rant. Now, let’s get back to the subject of this post.

These are my reasons why I don’t believe that political and religious leaders are equipped to lead the development of Africa;

Differences Destinations

The promised land for Africa in the 21st century is DEVELOPMENT.

And the destination for African political and religious leaders Is MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL.

Although African religious leaders tout a destination other than earth, their actions paint a different story.

So, from inception, a difference has arisen, and it can only become wider.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Technology – The Forward into The Future

The backbone of development in the 21st century is EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY.

Many of Africa’s political and religious leaders are not educated to the standards, to lead in the 21st century.

They do not understand the TECHNOLOGY that is running the world and they are not humble enough to realize their deficiency and educate themselves.

So, they cannot give Africa what they do not have or even understand. And they do rely on the ignorance of the population to remain in POWER.

So, they do not even want to educate their followers; the African population.

Without education, ignorance and poverty will rise. And more people will be beholden to the political and religious leaders.

They already have the want they want; ULTIMATE POWER.

 Why would they want to rock their boats?

They would not; SIMPLE!


African Political and Religious Leaders Are Divisive

Politics and religion are both manmade institutions built on one premise; to get MAXIMUM POWER.

The leaders use all the divisive methods to gain and hold on to power; manipulation, backstabbing, lies and they rely on the ignorance of the majority of their followers; to their detriment.

Our political and religious leaders pit their followers against one another to enable them to continue holding them captive.

Knowing what I know today, it’s clear in my mind that The Middle East and West used religion, in particular, as a political tool to conquer Africa.

To create division, make Africans sub-servant and to lose our Africa identity.

The evidence is even clearer today all over the continent.


Alternative Strategy From African Political and Religious Leaders

I asked the question earlier that why would African political and religious leaders rock their boat?

They wouldn’t, no one in their right senses would!

But you and I (the followers) would and should because we are at the receiving end of this relationship; The Development or lack of development of our homeland.

In recent years, there have been semi-violent revolutions in North Africa and recently in Sudan.

I applaud the brave women and men in those countries for attempting to take charge of their lives and their countries’ future.

But as a pacifist, I don’t want the collateral damage that an Africa wide violent revolution will bring.

It will devastate Africa and we may not able to come back in another century.

So, I recommend a more subtle strategy but with long-term sustainable improvement and with minimum collateral damage.

This strategy will test your personal desire for your personal development and for Africa’s development.

It will test your desire to help people in your community.

It will demand your faith, commitment, persistence, tenacity. And your ability to delay immediate gratification for future gain.

This strategy will test your willingness to make several personal sacrifices to build a communal future.

Ultimately, the strategy will test you to see if you have the same attitude that we all complain in our political and religious leaders.


SELF-EDUCATION – The Master Strategy of Successful People

Education is the only way to eliminate IGNORANCE and build Africa for the 21st century and beyond!

You need to make considerable personal sacrifices to educate yourself, as Africa’s educational systems are broken.

So, be focused on want to learn and why. Because you do not have the luxury to waste scarce resources.

Thank God for the technology of the internet.

Using the internet, you can learn ANYTHING in the world from experts.

The internet is your ultimate advantage that Africa’s political and religious leaders cannot match.

Learn to use it wisely!

To yours and Africa’s progress…

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