Building the Africa of the future is an intriguing project, but it needs to start right now, without delay and it needs to start with you!

The world is fast advancing at a pace that is very scary especially for those regions that are lagging behind.

World leaders are predicting that Africa will be at the forefront of the future of world development.

That’s great, but first, Africa needs to be developed.

To build the Africa of the future starts with building the citizens in African communities, especially the youths.


Look Out, The Africa of The Future is Around The Corner!

Come with me, let’s go to Africa’s fantasy world where everything is possible!

I want to pick a few areas of value and describe where I want Africa to be in the future.

Let’s go!


Future Africa Will Have Good Governance

To build good governance, Africa must promote excellence in both leadership and citizenship. Every African need to embrace oneness and service to ourselves and the community as a first principle.

This will in time change African politics, from an ethnic, religious and fear basis. To sound, value-based debates. Where African citizens will look for people who will serve their needs rather than people who speak the same language or worship the same way.

This may sound like an unreasonable or unrealistic utopia paradise.

Maybe so, but we need to dream this way to achieve what we want. Without dreams, we are nothing!


Robust Institutions

Robust institutions separate successful from the mediocre countries and continents of the world.

Solid institutions guarantee the safety and wellbeing of citizens and visitors.

They tell everyone that there are standard systems put in place for handling different things.

The robust systems put in place in future Africa will be the state of the art. They will give maximum comfort to the citizens as well as attract visitors and investments to Africa.


Excellent Education is A Must!

Ignorance is the biggest disease in the world. And it’s the number one issue holding Africa back in the dark ages.

Education is the only way to liberate people from ignorance.

So, the Africa of the future will have excellent formal education systems for the citizens.

Especially, African history and philosophy.

Young Africans will have a fantastic primary and secondary school education for all. From there, they will be able to take their lives to any level they want.


Technologically Savvy

The 21st century and beyond is and will continue to be run by technological advancement in all areas of human life.

Africa will not be any different!

The Africa of the future will be built, led and managed by technologically savvy young Africans.

They will create technology hubs all around the continent. And they will invite everyone to participate in building a new and better world.


Future Africa Will Feed The World!

For decades, the image of Africa promoted and seen on television all around the world has been a starving continent.

These images of Africa were ‘partially’ true and totally unflattering for Africa.

Interestingly enough, Africa has the most available farmland in the world. So, Africa has always had the advantage to feed its citizens.

The time is now to RISE!

There will be no more hunger or famine in the Africa of the future.

With the continuous increase in the world’s population, Africa of the future will use its farmland and technology to feed the entire world.


Free Healthcare For All…

“Health is Wealth”.

Anyone who has had health difficulties will attest to the validity of this wise saying.

Not only that the Africa of the future will have technologically advanced medical facilities all around the continent. And will provide excellent healthcare facilities. With first-class doctors and equipment to treat any ailment.

But, Africa will become a net exporter of the science of the ancient medical remedies from African jungles.

Finally, Africa’s healthcare will be TOTALLY FREE to all its citizens.


Your Role In Creating The Africa of The Future

This is where the beauty lie.

As Africans, you and I have huge roles to bring this fantasy into reality. To create the Africa that we all want, it must start with you, in your mind.

Think about all the advancements in the world for centuries. And recently, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft…

Where did they all come from?

Each and every one of these came from the minds of people who believed in the possibilities of creation.

You must believe that Africa will be what you will make of it; first in your mind and then in reality.

Africa of the future must be built by you!

It must be envisioned, created and built by you from the bottom up.

There is no other way!


Now,  please pay close attention. 

A few of the things that you read in this article may not be realistic to most people, maybe you.

And they may look like I’m in a fantasy world.

Fair enough, I’m writing about what I want for Africa in the future. I’m less interested in realism because I believe in the possibilities.

Most things in this world weren’t built by realistic people, they were built by people who believed in the possibilities.

And they made those things happen.

Now, let’s do the same for Africa’s future. Let’s believe in the possibilities, and let’s make them into reality!

To yours and Africa’s progress…

    3 replies to "Building The Africa of The Future Starts With You!"

    • Wasibi

      This is a call for all of of us to was he our hands and sit on dining table and eat possibility cake of transforming Africa we all dream of.

    • Aondowase Tyowua

      Together we can build the Africa of our dreams;just as the Jews did it, in Israel.

      • Ekene Banye

        Unlike the Jews, we (Africans) have always had our homeland.

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